Unique Puddle Jumper facts:

Puddle Jumper Balloon is the only “Hot-Air Plane” that flies backwards wherever it goes.  The tail section acts as a wind vane and always puts his nose into the wind.  Hence, he appears to fly backwards.

Puddle Jumper has a lifting body of 90,000 cubic feet and appendages adding another 50,000 cubic feet to it’s total displacement. Only the lifting body portion
of the balloon creates lift, while the appendages are “dead weight” that must be carried as part of the gross lift load.

The fabric alone weighs 612 pounds on Puddle Jumper balloon. The gondola with burners and a full load of fuel adds in excess of 450 pounds to the air-craft.

Puddle Jumper carries 45 gallons of liquid propane in 4 separate tanks. A single load is enough propane fuel to run the family Bar-B-Que for several years.

Each of Puddle Jumper’s two burners produces approximately 18,000,000 BTUs,
under optimal conditions.

Puddle Jumper uses approximately 20 gallons of fuel per hour, depending on
load, temperature and altitude flown.

Puddle Jumper’s gondola can be flown under Thunder and Colt as well as Cameron standard shape balloons with displacement up to 120,000 cubic feet volume.

Puddle Jumper balloon is flown by a high hour, commercially rated, lighter-than-air pilot.  The balloon’s unique flying requirements necessitate a higher skill level than the more common standard shaped balloons. 

Puddle Jumper can be contracted to show up at your event as a unique show
piece and/or event center piece.  Contact Capt. Bill at: hotairbill@yahoo.com
or call 575-434-8692 and arrange for a contract to be sent to you.

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